In InDrivers You're NOT Safe

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Authorities detain drivers of InDrivers vehicles for irregularities.

The operation for the detention of drivers and the retention of documents in the streets of Puerto Vallarta continues. Over the weekend and this Monday about 10 drivers were approached by the state road agents, and were forced to leave them to use their vehicles. Drivers of the ImDriver platform, reported that in their WhatsApp groups they report the random detention of drivers in different parts of the city, where they are pressured to point out to them, that they are performing an illegal activity, they are asked for their documents, and they have even been asked to show their cell phone to corroborate their activity as drivers as they operate illegally according to state authorities.

Activities Suspended The drivers comment that they have suspended their activities here in Puerto Vallarta. As if this were not enough, the fine to recover their retained vehicles amounts to 35 thousand pesos, which must be paid through the Secretary of Finance in Guadalajara. In addition, in order to return the retained documentation, they are being asked to sign a letter of commitment that they will no longer work as drivers for the aforementioned application. Diego Monraz, who is the Secretary of Transportation of the entity announced that since the Indriver application is not allowed, drivers could be fined up to 35 thousand pesos if they chose to use it. The Indriver application is forbidden to be used, and whoever uses it will be sanctioned for violating the law. The Secretary of Transportation in the state of Jalisco, Diego Monraz, who recently stated that the use of the InDriver application is discouraged, since it is not registered, there are risks for the users and there are no guarantees for a safe service, which can be monitored or regulated by the authorities.

Vallarta Today had already announced this before, as a warning to inform people and tourists who use this application during their stay in Puerto Vallarta.

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