Intense Movement at the Airport with the Arrival of More Flights from the US

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Passengers from the United States arrived this weekend to Puerto Vallarta by air.

As a consequence of the holiday period and the resumption of flights by American Airlines, an estimated 54 flights arrived this past Friday, 58 on Saturday and 62 flights on Sunday for a total of 174 flights this weekend alone. In addition, an increase in the number of frequencies and flights was noticed as of March 11, as reported by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP), with the arrival of 54 flights on the 11th of this month, 54 on the 12th, 58 on the 13th and 62 yesterday, totaling 282 flights in the last 4 days. It should be noted that the flights arrived with tourists from cities such as Alaska, Reno Nevada, Portland (Oregon); Seattle (Washington), Chicago (Illinois), Los Angeles (California); Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas DFW, Phoenix (Arizona) and Houston (Texas). 

The behavior of passenger arrivals in recent weeks has been on the rise with the increased connectivity that has been presented gradually, according to figures presented by the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP.)  In comparison, it was noted that since March 11 the number of flights and therefore passengers increased significantly; so this Sunday was the highest of the three days that represents the weekend. We also observed new passengers on this occasion and Vallarta Today asked the tourists if it was their first time in Puerto Vallarta and they answered affirmatively. We also noticed a group of North Americans celebrating their arrival with a drink to come back to Puerto Vallarta after having gone through the difficult situation of the pandemic and the restrictions that prevented them from returning to this port they love so much. Restrictions such as those imposed by the United States government with the Covid tests and quarantines.


The traffic of new flights was notorious this weekend where the cameras of Vallarta Today were able to capture in one hour the highest concentration of flights of North American airlines such as Southwest, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Continental Airlines, among other airlines arriving at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. The airline flights coming from the United States were arriving one after the other and waiting for their turn to depart, which generated a great activity on the part of the airport operators and personnel, who carried out their work quickly and efficiently in order to provide the service and attention to the airlines that were arriving one after the other.

As a result of the intense activity originated by the arrivals of flights coming from the American Union we were able to see up to 14 planes landing and taking off in an orderly and coordinated manner by the entire GAP team on the apron again. At the same time we moved to the passenger exit and we noticed the large influx as never seen before the pandemic. Passengers were leaving coordinated flights one after another in an orderly and gradual manner to not generate a saturation of people, and following the protocols of Health or filters to access the cab units, and with their disinfected luggage in hand they applied gel and of course wore their mouth covers.

Personnel from the cab area commented that now they were barely able to keep up with the cabs, because although previously other flights had arrived, they were almost empty, but this time they brought many passengers and had not stopped working from 1 to 6 in the afternoon. When we were present, more passengers from more flights were still arriving, and we took note of what happened; happiness was reflected on the faces of the hundreds of North Americans arriving from the flights from the United States to Puerto Vallarta, showing there is no doubt that life is returning to its normalness.