Modernize the Public Transportation in Puerto Vallarta

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The Governor of the State of Jalisco, Aristoteles Sandoval Díaz, gave the signal of departure of the first 60 new units.

In the presence of Governor the company launched its first new vehicles on the streets this weekend.

The units are new and will have air conditioning, in addition to having a prepayment system to prevent distraction causing vehicular accidents.

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The governor mentioned that in this first stage it will benefit 178,000 people with transport that reduces transfer times, decreases greenhouse gas emissions and with the prepaid system avoids vehicular accidents caused by the distraction of operators.

Also Aristotle Sandoval said, "I point out that public transport, before being a business is a service, so I order the permit holders to manage this company in the best way to be sure that the citizens will have a good service."

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"In this way, we start the new Route-Company in Puerto Vallarta, which will modernize the transport and take the streets to 490 units to offer a new quality service to both its inhabitants and tourists who visit us."

"The change is historic, I mention today in the world is being oriented according to transport, a city that has better transportation today is the Route-Company, not only means to renew the vehicles or implement a new and modern system that serves to the needs of this city that is in constant development and transformation and in addition to being one of the most important tourist destinations."

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"The growth of Jalisco," assured the state leader, "must be modern based on people because what is transferred are not things, what we have in a city are not bricks, the important thing is the citizens are the people, in them in whom we should think."

"I indicate that there will be a supervisory committee that will monitor the work of this model that will be continually evaluated to guarantee quality service for users."

"We are going to revoke the concessions of those carriers that do not assume a quality standard that guarantees good service and safety for users or passengers." he added.

"Likewise, I reiterate that it will be fulfilled to complete the transformation of the commitments made with Jalisco regarding transportation."

The places to sell and recharge cards are: the Sam's Club Puerto Vallarta shopping center; Park Lázaro Cárdenas in Olas Altas and Plaza Pitillal. The Main Route 01 goes from Ixtapa-Avenida Francisco Medina Asencio-Colonia Emiliano Zapata with 36.7 kilometers round trip.

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