Plastic Blockages in Drains Cause Floods

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These are dragged by rivers that remain in storm drains without allowing the water to pass through.

Most of the floods that have occurred in the city, have been due to the clogging caused by plastics and garbage in general, which are dragged along by the water and which end up in the drainage system. Plastics, such as unicel cups, fried food bags, metals and garbage of all kinds from all the upper colonies of Puerto Vallarta have been flowing down streams and rivers and have begun to clog the drainage system causing flooding in colonies such as Bobadilla, El Pitillal, Centro, La Floresta, Versalles and Diaz Ordaz among others. Another problem is also that the garbage is reaching the sea where it is contaminating the water and beaches of the port. We have found plastics everywhere, this reflects that it is a problem that we are trying to address, but it requires the support of all citizens, said the commander of municipal Civil Protection, Adrian Bobadilla.

Between 60 and 80 percent of the waste we find on the beaches are plastic materials, but we have also found very strange things such as appliances, furniture, and electronic items discarded in an irresponsible manner. In the canals of the city it is possible to observe floating that compact mass that are the origin of new floods in the main streets and avenues as soon as new rains occur, so it is urgent to promote awareness of the reduction, reuse and recycling of these products. Food of all kinds, household and operational waste, plastics, cargo waste, cooking oil, fishing tools and animal carcasses make up elements that when thrown into the rivers reach the oceans, and continue into the sea.