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Cruise Ships Agree To Not Sail Until Next Year

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The big international cruises like Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International, decided to suspend their operations and it will not be until next semester of 2021 when they will return to sea.

The Mexican route integrated by Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Los Cabos will have to wait to reopen their trips through international waters. Arturo Musi, emphasized that the strict implementation of sanitary protocols and the follow-up of coronavirus prevention measures in tourist destinations will be fundamental to encourage the return of international cruise ships in the world and, above all, in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, which this year was expected to receive around 180 cruise ships and close to 450 thousand passengers. In a conference given by the president of Norwegian Cruise Line, he commented that he sees that the first semester of next year will be when cruise trips will be resumed; he calculates that by the year 2022, trips will be standardized and 2023 will be an extraordinary year, that is when the recovery will take a little longer in the cruise industry. It is worth mentioning that this week the shipping company Carnival completely cancelled its cruises from ports in the United States for this year, including those that went from the ports of Miami, and cane field in Florida, in November, as it announced at the beginning of this month. In a statement, the company said that also the ships that were going to start sailing from both ports from November were finally canceled, as well as those scheduled to begin. Next year in Sydney (Australia). Carnival Cruise Line specified last October 2 that it had chosen the Port of Miami and Port Canaveral, in Central Florida, to reactivate the cruises, when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States will lift the ban on sailing, in force since last March.