The Arrival of North American Tourists On the Rise

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They will be arriving from cities such as Santa Ana, Denver, and Las Vegas on flights operated by Southwest Airlines and Frontier.

It is very noticeable that in the last few weeks foreign tourists have been arriving to this Port and have been seen on beaches, in shopping centers as well as in the restaurants of the city since their arrival has been increasing. Some causes have been that the vaccination process in the countries has been very significant, which has given them confidence to travel and return, enjoying the activities offered by this tourist destination. Another important factor is the reactivation of the connectivity of new flights that will be arriving starting March 11. 

Luis Villaseñor Nolasco, Acting Director of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity in Puerto Vallarta, informed that the destination will have flights from Santa Ana (California), Denver (Colorado) and Las Vegas (Nevada), starting this Thursday March 11th. Flights from Santa Ana and Denver will be operated by Southwest Airlines, and flights from Las Vegas will be operated by Frontier Airlines starting next Thursday, March 25.

 "The recovery of these flights is a very positive message for the local tourism sector and also as a country that Puerto Vallarta and Mexico continue to take firm steps in their economic reactivation and their reinstatement of connectivity; this speaks volumes of the confidence that North American airlines have to fly and return with routes to our country, as part of the restructuring that the airlines are having" pointed out the interim director of the Trust for the promotion of tourism in Puerto Vallarta. 

It is worth mentioning that 50 percent of the passengers arriving in Vallarta come from the state of California, this state being the main outbound market led by passengers from Los Angeles, second only to San Francisco and San Diego, and will represent good expectations for the tourism sector of Puerto Vallarta. Thus, during this month of March, the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta could surpass the arrival of 1,400 national and international flights to this beach tourist destination.

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