United Airlines to Increase Its Aircraft Fleet

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The investment is close to 30 billion dollars.

The BIGGEST The deal would be the Industry's largest since the coronavirus pandemic hit air traffic and airline balance sheets, eclipsing Southwest Airlines' recent orders for more than 100 MAXs. It would accelerate the recovery of the Max that has been logging orders to rebuild momentum damaged by a safety crisis even before covid-19. A preliminary 2019 order for 200 MAXs from British Airways owner LAG was never finalized. However it would not resolve a strategic impasse that has seen Airbus dominate the busy larger-aisle market, while Boeing relies heavily on demand for its flagship NAX 8. A split order would highlight widespread concerns that the MAX "can't solve the whole problem," an industry source said. Airlines should also consider availability when buying. Such an announcement "could mean only two versus three cheers for Boeing" as the A321neo remains " Boeing's nemesis at the high end of the narrowbody market with a dominant market share," wrote Rod Stallard analyst at vertical Research Partners. United airlines is considered one of the airline industry's most influential buyers in the world. United Airlines, inc. is a U.S. airline based in Chicago, illinois. United is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Airlines Holdings following a $3 billion merger in 2010.

It is worth mentioning than United Airlines, has been one of the strongest Airlines and with more frequencies than others, who during the pandemic, did not stop coming to the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta to bring North American passengers, thus helping the reactivation of the economic of this port .
United States has been the most important market for the growth of Puerto Vallarta and especially during this difficult period of the pandemic.