3 Cruise Ships Arrive In Vallarta

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Vidanta Cruises, Princess Cruises and Viking Orion

This Sunday morning three cruise ships arrived in Puerto Vallarta, the Princess Cruises arrived at Terminal 1 followed by the Vidanta Elegant and at API Terminal 3 the Viking Orion, which carries an English flag and a swimming pool can be seen at the front of the cruise ship. The three cruise ships look spectacular and adorn the bay, although the Vidanta Cruises ship is small compared to the other cruise ships, it is still a cruise ship with very peculiar details that distinguish it in its category. And the fact is that this ship has been preparing to start trips to the Caribbean in addition to some modifications that it has had during this time. Undoubtedly they bring thousands of cruise passengers who come to enjoy the beauties that this port has to offer.

The authorities have just arrived to verify that they comply with all the measures against the coronavirus and they are being checked by the sanitary authorities of the health sector,.to know that they comply with all the requirements and restrictions of the measures against covid-19 and its variants such as omicron, which was recently carried by passengers of the Koningsdam ship, reason for which it was returned to its place of origin without being able to disembark in Puerto Vallarta. We will see what happens and what the sanitary authorities decide if the passengers will be able to disembark and from which ships we will be informing you further on as we receive the report from the Port Administration of Puerto Vallarta API.