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Airlines Prepare to Offer Phone Apps Ensuring Travel Safety Amid the Pandemic

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The global aviation body IATA said that it is developing a set of mobile applications to help passengers move around amid COVID-19 travel restrictions by safely sharing test certificates and vaccines with airlines and governments.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents many of the world's leading airlines, plans to test the Travel Pass platform before the end of the year and tp implement it for Android and Apple iOS phones in the first half of next year. 

Airlines are pushing governments to replace quarantine requirements that have hit air traffic, so they are considering new types of control systems. "Our top priority is to get people to travel safely again," said IATA security chief Nick Careen. "That means giving governments confidence that systematic testing of COVID-19 can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements.” Passenger health and other data are not stored centrally, but are authenticated with blockchain which leaves consumers in control of what they share, IATA said. 

With travel virtually halted for obvious reasons, airlines are looking for various ways to attract the traveler, including ticketing and promotions. Although with the current context the greatest concern of the passenger is to see if the airline complies with pre-existing biosecurity protocols. In fact, an IATA survey shows a high rate of travelers who are willing to have themselves tested as part of the travel process. European airlines such as Alitalia and Lufthansa have been the first to raise their voices for "non-covid" flights, increasing passengers’ confidence in flying.