Avalanche Of Tourists Arrives At The Airport

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Thousands of tourists saturated the airport facilities today upon their arrival.

This afternoon Puerto Vallarta received thousands of foreigners who arrived today, Saturday, running out of cabs at the airport, saturating the immigration and customs halls, reason why the airport will be extended to more than double its capacity, in order to continue receiving hundreds of flights arriving to this city. This weekend alone, there were flights from Los Angeles, California, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, San Jose, Vancover, San Francisco, and Dallas; In addition to flights from Salt Lake City, Montreal, and Calgary among other cities. American Airlines alone operates 53 flights a week, 21 from Dallas, 13 from Phoenix, 9 from Chicago, 7 from Los Angeles and three from Austin.

In view of the saturation of the airport, which is already being felt especially this weekend, Saturday, December 11, and the rest of this year, the authorities of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, informed that they will invest more than three billion pesos for the construction of a new terminal building over the next three years. The investment that will change the airport is the construction of Terminal 2, as it more than doubles the surface area and the passenger screening lines, as well as 50% more telescopic aisles and checked baggage screening systems; all this gives more space to passengers, making their trip more pleasant. The amount includes more than 1.7 billion pesos for the new terminal building and capacity and quality projects for the runway, taxiways, roads, parking lots, tower, among other facilities to optimize operations.

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