Best Times to Visit Puerto Vallarta

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graphicfrontThe best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is between April and June when the weather is pleasant and the room rates are affordable.

During these months, rain is scarce and there are fewer tourists. If you're interested in whale watching, however, visit from January to March. Just prepare yourself for the area's most astronomical travel fares.

You'll see Puerto Vallarta at its best at this time of year, as temperatures usually stay in the mid-70s with very little rain. Evenings can be cool average lows dip down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit so pack long sleeves. The trade off for the outstanding weather is high prices; room rates are more than $400 a night at some of the best hotels.

Key Events:
Historic Center Art Walk (October to May)
Day of the Mexican Flag (February 24)
Benito Juarez Day (March)

You'll notice that the tourist crowds have started to taper off at this time of year and, fortunately, the temperatures still aren't too hot. Look to visit in May especially, when the average is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And an added bonus: there are some pretty sweet hotel deals at this time of year.

Key Events:
Semana Santa (April)
Festival Cultural (May)
Puerto Vallarta International Sports Classic (May)
Historic Center Art Walk (October to May)

Puerto Vallarta's temperatures spike the most in summer, and there are often brief bursts of rain. Airfare and hotel rates are usually at their cheapest, so pack an umbrella and enjoy the discounts.

Key Events:
Charro Day (September 14)
Independence Day (September 16)

October is a decent time to visit PV. Temperatures range between the mid-70s and high 80s and the room rates are still relatively low. Keep in mind that tourist season begins to perk up again once November hits. Several key festivals occur at this time of year, too.

Key Events:
Sailfish & Marlin International Tournament (November)
Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival (November)
Feast of the Virgen de Guadalupe (December)
Historic Center Art Walk (October to May)

Source: Travel US News