Canadian Tourism Will Not Come Until the End of the Year

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Airlines maintain flight suspensions due to a new surge of Covid-19 infections in Canada.

Beach hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean have been affected by the minimal influx of the Canadian market, and their return is not expected until the end of this year, due to the fact that the country has only vaccinated 10% of the population. In contrast the United States’ immunized population exceeds half of its citizens. In addition to this, the main Canadian airlines (AirCanada, Westjet, Airtransat, and Sunwing,) have announced that they will extend the suspension of flights to the Mexican Caribbean for two more months. After adopting this measure last month with an expiration date of April 30, but due to the increase in Covid-19 infections in Canada and the insufficient vaccination process, the policy had to be extended. In the case of Mexican beach destinations, the Canadian market is the second most important after the United States, and the influx of this market is expected to increase until 2022, as Canadian airlines have had few reservations due to the strict measures adopted by their government, which, apparently, are the strictest in the world. 


It should be recalled that Canada requires travelers wishing to enter the country to undergo several PCR tests, a mandatory three-day hotel quarantine, and a 14-day quarantine in total. Air Canada recently announced that, with an online request or request made by an official travel agent, Air Canada will refund tickets to all those customers who purchased a non-refundable ticket with travel dates on or after February 1, 2020, but were unable to do so. Moreover, the company's new Covid-19 refund policy covers Air Canada Vacations tickets and packages, purchased before April 13, 2021, for flights cancelled by the airline or by the customer for any reason, as announced in a statement. The move comes hours after the Canadian government agreed to an airline aid package of up to $5.879 billion in liquidity through the Emergency Financing Facility Program to help the country's leading airline cope with losses caused by Covid-19. 

Lucie Guillemette, Air Canada's executive vice-president and chief commercial officer, noted that this benefit can be claimed by the customer through an online reimbursement request or with a travel agent. "We are committed to processing refunds as quickly as possible," she said. The Canadian tourist is the most important tourist in Cuba with an overwhelming share and the second most important in Cancun and Punta Cana after the American, so its practical absence for a year and a half of the three main destinations in the Caribbean is causing serious damage to the vacation hotel industry.