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Changes to Civil Aviation Law Approved

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The Mexican Congress approved changes to the Civil Aviation Law, in order to improve the piloting of aircraft.

The U.S. Congress approved changes to the Civil Aviation Law in order to comply with the observations of the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). The U.S. agency downgraded the National Aviation Agency's rating to category 2, which would have risked impeding the operation of flights from that country, a situation that would affect Mexico's already damaged air sector. The FAA's observations are mainly related to the safety of air operations, which is why President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent the proposal to modify the Civil Aviation Law, which has already been approved by the Chambers of Deputies and Senators.


In these changes it was voted that the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) will be the one to exercise the aeronautical authority in airports, heliports and aerodromes, through the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), through the regional commanders and airport commanders. Also, cabotage tests by foreign permit holders in Mexican territory are prohibited. Likewise, owners of non-Mexican aircraft destined for private use will be prohibited from performing cabotage practices. The Aviation Law contemplates that only Mexican permit holders that provide international air transportation services, under the air cab or charter modality, may transport passengers, cargo, mail or a combination of these that have embarked at a point abroad between two or more points in Mexican territory. In the case of air accidents, the Air Accident Investigation and Review Commission will have the power to coordinate, request and receive information and conduct the investigation, as well as to request the assistance of the persons it deems necessary to interview so that they may render any clarification or provide information on the air accident or incident.