Comply With Certificate Fail With Capacity

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Clubs complied with certificate but failed and tourists overcrowded bars

The nightclubs and bars complied with the indications of requiring a certificate, which was not a problem, since foreigners such as Americans, Canadians and Europeans already had their certificate. Similarly, some tourists presented a negative Covid-19 test with no more than 48 hours, as stipulated. However, nightclubs and bars such as Mr. Flamingos, La Cantina, La Noche, Industry, located in the Romantic Zone, mainly failed with the capacity, in the absence of the presence of municipal authorities on site, definitely exceeded the allowed capacity of 75 percent as stipulated, so the businesses were saturated, all tourists glued to each other and without specifications or separate chairs, so it was 11:30 pm and tourists were still arriving and let them pass. From very early, 9 pm, which is really early to access a bar, there were already long lines of young people of all ages, trying to access the bars, long lines where young people arrived and started with their cell phones to look for the application to show their certificate, which in the case of Americans is a card where they have their vaccination registered, that is to say, it represents the Covid-19 certificate.

Definitely some nationals could not even access for lack of certificate or proof that they had been vaccinated, so some had to return home, since all the bars are demanding to show proof that they had been vaccinated or had received the most vaccines. This reflected the number of people who came to get vaccinated because they wanted access to the bars and nightclubs. The capacity was exceeded at a time when the region is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of people infected with the new Omicron variant of Covid-19. Something similar happened among the nightclubs on the Malecon, where there was no surveillance by the Municipal Regulations personnel. On the other hand, the Guadalupe church was forced to close its doors when the permitted capacity was reached.