Crown Princess Attracts the Attention of Tourists

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With its impressive three-story atrium, it is impossible not to look at it.

The cruise ship Crown Princess will be undergoing maintenance services until September 29 before it resumes its tours with cruise passengers on the Mexican Pacific route, informed the shipping company. Crown Princess is a Crown class cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises and has capacity to carry 3,800 passengers and 1,200 crew members, weighs 113,561 tons, is 260 meters long and 60 meters high, as well as 19 decks and 1,500 cabins, as informed in its press release. At the API facilities, international shipping lines can receive provisioning services such as drinking water and fuel while they can perform some routine internal maneuvers and train some crew members in the different positions of service to cruise passengers.

The arrival of cruise ships will be gradual throughout the rest of the year and early next year as the confidence levels of cruise passengers increase and there is a greater demand of travelers willing to embark for a week or ten days to tour the three main destinations of the Mexican Riviera: Los Cabos, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Crown Princess is a cruise ship that has an impressive view of its three-story atrium, a relaxed atmosphere full of entertainment and international cuisine options. On the other hand, Puerto Vallarta has port infrastructure and specialized services directly related to the transportation of passengers by sea and to the tourism industry and serves three lines of business: cruises are the main one since it is part, as a port of call, of the Mexican Riviera route. This route consists of 7-day cruise itineraries coming from the American ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego, California, which operate as home ports, mainly for cruisers from the United States, to which are added, in smaller quantities, tourists from other countries of America, Europe and Asia. Coastal tourism: in Banderas Bay, Jalisco with tourism activities and tourist marinas.