Cruise Ship Does Not Disembark In Vallarta Due To Outbreak Of Covid-19 Cases

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Health authorities of Puerto Vallarta do not authorize disembarkation of passengers

Upon detecting cruise passengers infected with covid-19, with the probability of a new variant, Omicron, Puerto Vallarta's health authorities did not allow any passenger or crew member to disembark from the Koningsdam ship that arrived this December 23rd to the port, in order to avoid contagion to the population. Once the positive cases were detected, close communication was maintained with the shipping company and the alternative of allowing any passenger who wished to disembark in the tourist destination to do so under restrictions and presenting a negative antigen test was analyzed; however this option was discarded due to the fact that health protocols indicate that no one could disembark when positive cases were registered on the ship, therefore the decision was finally made not to disembark.

They report having three infected patients, and the following day six and then nineteen, which represents an active outbreak when two or more present the disease in a determined space that they cannot control, 3,6 and 19 report it as their obligation according to international treaties. The crew members were vaccinated, which is a variant, and they come from the United States where they already bring the predominant variant of omicron, obviously it is omicron, anyway the health authorities were consulted and they responsibly did not allow the disembarkation of the cruise ship and returned it to protect the population from this variant. The SSJ analyzed the epidemiological situation, determining that there is an active outbreak on the ship, given the exponential growth of confirmed cases in the crew members: a total of 21 at 07:30 hours of this December 23rd. It should be noted that no passenger cases were reported at that time.