Digital Platforms Consolidate An Alternative Lodging Option

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There are currently ten thousand units available in Vallarta

En Puerto Vallarta there are approximately ten thousand units available on digital platforms, which is more than 60 percent of the 15,800 hotel rooms, not counting 30 percent of the timeshare units, informed Luis Villaseñor, director of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity, who pointed out that despite the wide offer, rates are between 20 and 30 percent of what they were before the pandemic, which indicates the great interest in this tourist destination. "Timeshare may be a third of what we have in hotel room inventory, and on the subject of other platforms we are talking about 60 to 70 percent in relation to what we have of hotels, villas, apartments, so they have really taken a lot of strength, But here the interesting thing about all this is that in spite of the competition that has increased prior to the pandemic and now post pandemic, knowing that Puerto Vallarta has managed to have high occupancies in spite of the fact that they have looked for other types of lodging platforms, speaks of the great interest in traveling to the city, and that it continues to be a business for all".

"The occupancies are between 20, 30 percent above the rates, compared to the pre pandemic, in spite of these others, it speaks that there is demand, then here what we are looking for is that in these platforms there is will, we have already been talking on several occasions that we were already in negotiation with Air B&B, we already talked in the congress, it is that we can already reach the reality where a contribution already comes, then at that time we as a Trust represents that we will have more resources for promotion..." In this sense, Luis Villaseñor affirmed that the willingness of the Digital Platforms to join in paying the three percent tax will generate more resources for the promotion of Vallarta.

"The issue of the platforms is about to pay the three percent tax, which will be very good news, because it will help us to have more resources for promotion, so it is another visitor profile, without a doubt everyone contributes to have more demand for seats, this has helped us as a city because we generate more traffic of seats, new air opportunities, generates more economic spillover in other types of providers beyond lodging, so without a doubt everyone is important, here the interesting thing is that all these can add to the promotion bag. " TIME SHARING Regarding the timeshare tourist, the Trust's director affirmed that with the pandemic there was a change in the profile of the visitors, who are now younger. The timeshare had normally been for adults and as was the profile of the visitor to Puerto Vallarta, more than eighty percent were people 55 years of age and older before the pandemic," he said.

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