High Season for Cruise Ships Begins in Vallarta

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With the double arrival of last Monday and yesterday, Tuesday with the arrival of the Carnival Panorama cruise ship.

The Integral Port Administration (API) Puerto Vallarta informed that Monday's double arrival formally started the high season of international cruises on the Mexican Riviera route. "We are very happy for the beginning of this month with the double arrival of last Monday and today, Tuesday, with the arrival of the Carnival Panorama cruise ship to this beautiful port and magical destination", said the port agency in a press release. The document specifies that this month begins with the high season of cruise ship arrivals, highlighting the arrival of the cruise ships Serenade of The Seas, of Royal Caribbean, this past Monday, and the Carnival Panorama of Carnival Cruise Line on Tuesday, which come with tourist passengers on board, to enjoy Puerto Vallarta. Also arriving on Monday was the Noordam cruise ship of Holland American Line, which will be in port for port services for 15 days. The Serenade of the Seas came with a total of 692 passengers and 808 crew members coming from the port of Los Angeles, California, USA, and bound for the Port of Punta Arenas, Costa Rica; the Carnival Panorama comes with 2,362 passengers and 1,443 crew members on board, to whom "we connect with the magic of the destination".

SANITARY SAFETY As in every arrival, authorities such as International Health, Migration, Customs and SENASICA were present, with whom the "free talk" took place, verifying, among other things, the health of the people, issuing the corresponding certificates and authorizations, to guarantee the safety of the cruise ship, the maritime-port community and the inhabitants. With these two passenger arrivals, the port, in conjunction with the port community, served 3,054 passengers and 2,251 crew members, to whom tourist-port services of quality and warmth are provided, with a friendly essence that characterizes all Vallartenses.

STATE-OF-THE-ART INFRASTRUCTURE Likewise, the Integral Port Administration of Puerto Vallarta is in optimal conditions, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and new facilities for the reception of cruise ships and passenger services, as well as the potential for the development of new projects focused on the modernization of the port and the tourist-port services. On the other hand, the Puerto Vallarta City Hall, through the Traffic Department, will be reinforcing security in the crosswalk outside the maritime terminal, so that visitors can walk safely towards the commercial zone.