Hundreds of North Americans Arrive in Vallarta

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More North American and this time Canadian passengers from Vancouver and Calgary.

Yesterday afternoon at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport there was an intense arrival of passengers mainly from the United States, from cities such as Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, Salt Lake City, as well as Santa Ana, California, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Dallas among other cities; in addition to the Canadian airlines that arrived with passengers from Vancouver and Calgary respectively. Upon their arrival at the airport they looked happy, some of them arrived at the restaurant and ordered a beer, due to the high temperatures that were recorded yesterday, so we approached them to ask them where they would be staying and they answered that most of the tourists would be staying in Puerto Vallarta.

Since 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the airport did not stop receiving planes one after the other, so the airport staff worked hard to fuel the planes, which upon arrival are treated with special treatment, as well as maintenance of the aircraft's equipment for their safe return to the United States. The staff was kept very busy with the series of international arrivals in addition to the Canadian and domestic arrivals, so the airport was very busy on the international arrivals platform. It is worth mentioning the excellent service provided by the Puerto Vallarta airport to the North American and Canadian airlines that arrive to this port and that each time, due to the high demand of passengers wishing to visit Puerto Vallarta, have had to increase their frequencies, in such a way that sometimes at the same time three airplanes of the same airline, such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Southwest, can be seen lined up next to each other at the same time. More passengers are expected to arrive this weekend.

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