Hundreds of Tourists Will Arrive at Puerto Vallarta's International Airport.

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Over the next two weeks the airport will be receiving a total of 800 flights from San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Houston.

Due to the great demand of vacationers who have chosen this port to vacation and enjoy the beaches offered by this tourist destination, flights will be arriving mainly from the United States and Canada now that the borders have been opened, which is why these airlines have had to increase their flights, that is to say, if they used to handle 3 daily flights now they will be operating up to 11 daily flights, Such is the case of United Airlines which will operate on June 20, 11 flights in one day, to meet the growing demand of passengers who will be arriving here these days, as well as Alaska Airlines who has increased its frequencies up to 7 in one day among other airlines such as Southwest. Next weekend alone, 233 flights are expected to arrive on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These days the international airport is preparing to receive several flights from cities in the United States such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Chicago and Denver.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP), informed that during the next two weeks 800 flights from North American airlines such as Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest, Delta, as well as Canadian and Mexican airlines will be arriving at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Gap reports that last January before the restrictions on flights from Canada to Mexico and the Caribbean, there were up to 60 monthly frequencies from that country, with a high number of frequencies from Thursday to Saturday and occupancy percentages of over 80 percent. According to the Datatur system of the Federal Secretary of Tourism, Canada is the second country that brings the most international tourists to Mexico, and in particular to Puerto Vallarta, from cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton.