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In Only 2 Days PV Airport Received the Arrival of 8,200 Tourists

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This weekend an intense movement was registered at the Puerto Vallarta airport with the arrival of 82 flights from the American Union, representing the arrival of some 8,200 visitors. 


This Saturday 58 flights in total arrived at the local air terminal and on Sunday there wiere another 54, for a total of 112 arrivals. Of Saturday's 58 flights, 41 are from the United States and Canada. From Houston 5, from Los Angeles 5, from Phoenix 4, from Chicago 3, from Dallas 3, from San Francisco 3, from Seattle 2, from Salt Lake City 2, from Denver 2, from Minneapolis 2, and 1 each from the cities of Atlanta, Newark, San Jose, Portland and San Diego. In addition to 3 flights from Calgary, 1 from Vancouver and 1 from Edmonton Canada. 

From the country 10 flights will be received from Mexico City, 3 from Guadalajara , 2 from Tijuana, 1 from Monterrey and another one from Aguascalientes. The arrival of these flights meant the movement of hundreds of workers, including runway personnel, baggage handlers, cab drivers, counters, cashiers, drivers and other service providers, who will benefit from the collection of resources. 

As for the airlines, United Airlines leads the way here with 20 flights in two days, followed by American Airlines, which had 12 operations over the weekend, Alaska Airlines 11, Delta Airlines 9, Southwest 5, Canada's Swoop and West Jet. In total during November, 1,323 flights will have arrived, domestic and international, 317 more than in October when there were 1006.