Intensified Vigilance To Protect Tourists

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Tourists arrive and make banking transactions in addition to Christmas shopping.

Municipal authorities and the Preventive Police Station have intensified their patrols and surveillance in order to provide greater security conditions to locals and tourists in commercial areas during the Christmas shopping season. During these days, commercial activity is reactivated, workers receive their Christmas bonuses and economic revenue increases, for this reason the officers make constant visits to commercial establishments to meet with the shopkeepers and let them know about the security measures. In the banks, agents are distributed in the peripheries and outside the branches to detect suspicious persons and prevent users from being victims of robberies, tire punctures and swindlers. In the downtown area, surveillance is carried out with constant patrols due to the increasing number of tourists during the Christmas holidays, while in the neighborhoods work is carried out on a regular basis.

Recommendations: During this Christmas season, Commissioner Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega, through the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Public Safety and Traffic Department, invites citizens to follow the following recommendations: When going to a bank to cash a check or make withdrawals, try to be accompanied. When carrying out your operations at the bank, check if there are suspicious persons at that moment and inform security. Ask the teller to count the money slowly while you count it with your eyes, in order to avoid counting it when you receive it. When the cash is handed to you, put it away quickly. Once you leave the bank, go to only one destination, it is not advisable to go to several places with the cash. If someone approaches you to distract you or to get your attention, asking for the time or an address, avoid engaging in a dialogue and leave immediately.

If you are approached as you leave the bank by someone who tells you that they have found a bale of cash and are going to share it with you, refuse, as this is a fraud. If someone approaches you and asks you to exchange dollars or a check because you do not have official identification and under the promise of sharing the money with you, refuse to do so, especially when that person asks you to give him/her the money you have just withdrawn as a guarantee. If on the street you are approached by a person who tells you that he/she has the winning lottery ticket or any other lottery ticket, which he/she wants to give it to you, sell it or offer to share the money with you, do not do it, since they will ask you for money or jewelry in exchange for a counterfeit ticket.

:upports If you or any employee will deposit or withdraw a large amount of cash at the bank, have a person accompany you to do it or you can request the support of the Dirección de Seguridad Ciudadana, to be escorted by elements of the corporation; request support at 911 and / or the command by calling: 322 114-29-78 and 322 114-44-7.

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