Monte Carlo West?......Puerto Vallarta

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monte carlo west vallarta vtFor those people who still think that Puerto Vallarta is a sleepy fishing village (which it was in 1968) it certainly isn’t today. 

 It has become very cosmopolitan in the last decade especially with cranes abounding building more and more accommodations. The new emphasis is now on the downtown area (old town) as it’s known as. This heralds a shift from the craze of Nuevo Vallarta. This was inevitable, I suggest, however it was a long time coming. Puerto Vallarta has that Mediterranean look, (thanks to Guillermo Wulff) and the vibrant community feeling, unlike Collins Ave. in Miami Beach and frankly Nuevo Vallarta with rows of Hotels and condos shoulder to shoulder along the beach.

First of all the main port is located in PUERTO VALLARTA and we have Home Depot albeit positioned neatly between the two. We have theatre, many movie houses and several casinos along with two prominent daily markets where restauranteurs and public, local and tourists, search for the latest and freshest fruits and veggies. Speaking of restaurants, we are blessed with a multitude and the best of the best. And now a COSTCO for the last four years. Paradise with stateside perks!

monte carlo west vallarta 2 320And that’s not all. The climate is quite different as Puerto Vallarta is at the base of the Sierra Madre which comes to kiss the bay at the mouth of the Cuale River and follows the shore all the way out to Cabo Corrientes the southern tip of the Bahia de Banderas 20 miles further out. What this means is that in the day time we enjoy the onshore breezes as do Nuevo Vallarta but at night when this reverses as the thermal over the Bay now sucks the air back out to sea in Nuevo it is simply bringing back the same air flowing into the valley so the temperature difference is slight. Having the mountains as a back drop rising to 6000 feet within a mile or two of the shore, produces a large differential in temperature between night and day. This defies the claim of a subtropical climate as the difference between night and day is 5-7 degrees Celsius. In practice during the winter months this can be as great as 18 degrees making it very pleasant for sleeping. It also controls flying insects who become lethargic in cooler temperatures. A further element causing this phenomena is ‘adiabatic effect’ (google this to learn what this is) ,,,,hint it has to do with the Cuale River valley.

monte carlo west vallarta 3This climatic difference is little known to the public but it’s enjoyed by the chosen few that live south of the Sheraton in town. If you’re thinking of renting or even buying something in this paradise of ours, consider the foregoing as an important factor in deciding. Granted this phenomena is not as prevalent in the summer time as cloud cover diminishes the onshore offshore effect during the time we need it the most …..the rainy season.

Mind you the rainy season which starts in mid June and lasts into October is mostly in the form of heavy thunderstorms which begin at dusk and last an hour or two while allowing the stars to come out again around 2300hrs. This produces a cooling effect most welcome and the cycle resumes once again in about three days as a rule. In the morning following a storm the air is clear as a bell having removed all the particles and pollution. It’s invigorating to say the least. If you listen carefully you can ‘hear’ the plants growing. Maybe that’s exaggerating but you can really ‘see’ the prolific growth.

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