More U.S. Tourists Expected To Arrive This Month

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Hotels are already recording a good number of bookings

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta are registering important numbers in reservations, so February will be a good month for tourism, according to factors such as the reservations they have so far. Also, thanks to the low temperatures in North America and the trust they have placed in this beach destination, in terms of the control of the number of Covid-19 infections and the follow-up of prevention measures. Traditionally February has been a good month for Puerto Vallarta's tourist sector, commented the municipal director of Tourism, Ludwig Estrada Virgen, who with years of experience in the matter refers that during the four weeks of February occupancies can be better than those of the beginning of the year. Therefore, this month there are positive signs for tourism activity, starting with the trend shown by travelers.

GOOD WEEKS According to hoteliers in the port and the region, the rest of the winter season, that is, this month and three weeks of next March, it is possible to maintain occupancies above 80 to 85 percent, such as at the end of January, when most hotels were at those figures. There are hotels that even on weekends exceed 90 percent, although there are few cases of full rooms at the beginning of the year, as a consequence of the effects of the pandemic, which has affected commercial aviation in Mexico, the United States and Canada. There are many flights that have not been able to be reactivated and the airlines are handling this aspect with great caution.