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North Americans and Canadians Will Celebrate Thanksgiving Day Here in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta and the Mayan Riviera are keeping the step towards the recovery of tourism, as they are already preparing to receive North American and Canadian tourists for Thanksgiving.


According to analyses made by Allianz and Expedia Canada, this year the country has become a center of attention for North American tourists, who are looking to make trips during the last weeks of November and December placing Mexico above destinations such as Paris. Luis Villaseñor, interim director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust, highlighted that even though in the past days this Jalisco destination had to apply preventive restriction measures due to the increase of cases due to the disease, it did not have consequential effects, since there were only limitations in the schedules. He commented that with the measure of the red button, the government of Jalisco guaranteed that the activity in Puerto Vallarta would not stop in the near future, like this past long weekend when the beginning of the Mexican Revolution was commemorated, and in the following fortnight travelers from the United States will arrive for Thanksgiving. I would like to mention that there were not many cancellations and for the weekend the hotel occupancy, whose capacity is limited to half, is above 40%. 


Villaseñor noted that this destination is taking firm steps towards recovery. In June, when the recovery began, there were only 322 flights, while in November, 1,326 are expected, due to the increase in the flow of tourists from North America. The analysis of Allianz and Expedia Canada shows that beach destinations such as Mexico, mainly Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya are leading the preferences for travel at this time, because the impact of the pandemic in those places has been less than in other countries. Although this does not mean that the health contingency is over. He said that in the case of Puerto Vallarta, it is expected that the pace of recovery will be maintained until the end of the year, since 50 percent of the hotels, restaurants and bars are still open, and the beaches and the boardwalk are open. He added that although it was expected that the recovery would be driven by national tourists, in Puerto Vallarta the greatest interest of tourists has been international, though this does not diminish the contribution of local travelers.