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Puerto Vallarta is one of the Cities to get Cheap Flights in June

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gn gift guide variable cSummer is here! Excited, aren’t you?

Like, so excited you want to get out and write a song about it, whether it involves the back of your neck getting dirt ‘n’ gritty, or love that happened too fast, or Bradley on the microphone with Ras MG. Whatever it is about the warmest months of the year, summer inspires song lyrics like Florida inspires weird news stories. And what better way to express the sheer joy of June than getting out and exploring the world?

If you need some help figuring out where to go while fish are jumping and the cotton is high, our friends at the travel app Hopper are here to help. They’ve crunched data from literally millions of airfares, and found the cities in the US and abroad where airfares are expected to drop in June like Calvin Harris’ beat at 2:17.

If you’re looking to stay stateside, the beats are with you. Music City tops the list of discount destinations in the US with flights to Nashville down 37% to $310. We hear music in Austin is a’ight, and airfares there are down 20% to $279. You can shuffle off to Buffalo or leave your heart in San Francisco, who both crack the top ten with flights down 18% and 19% respectively. Or get you some of those crazy little women in Kansas City. Here you come for 16% less with an average price of $269. The rest of the domestic leaders:

1. Nashville, Tennessee - $310 (37%)
2. Colorado Springs, Colorado -- $258 (23%)
3. Austin, Texas -- $279 (20%)
4. San Francisco, California -- $181 (19%)
5. Cleveland, Ohio -- $243 (18%)
6. Buffalo, New York -- $243 (18%)
7. Omaha, Nebraska -- $279 (17%)
8. Seattle, Washington -- $214 (17%)
9. Baltimore, Maryland -- $200 (17%)
10. Kansas City, Missouri -- $269 (16%)

If you’re the type of guy (or girl) who’ll never settle down, you can roam around the world for cheap in plenty of places. Head south of the border, down Mexico way, where you’ll fall in love when the stars above come out to play in Cancun (down 25% to $348) or Puerto Vallarta (down 21% to $351). And yes, Steely Dan, Guadalajara will do, thank you, with airfares averaging $262, down 25%. There’s really no famous songs about Osaka, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out flights there are a steal in June, a paltry $392, down 33%. It leads the pack of the cheapest international destinations:

1. Osaka, Japan -- $392 (33%)
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands -- $734 (29%)
3. Beijing, China -- $665 (27%)
4. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic -- $616 (25%)
5. Cancun, Mexico -- $348 (25%)
6. Guadalajara, Mexico -- $262 (25%)
7. Manila, Philippines -- $747 (23%)
8. Hong Kong, China -- $533 (22%)
9. Bali, Indonesia -- $627 (21%)
10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- $351 (21%)

Much like Cheat Codes, Hopper makes no promises here, but they do predict this stuff with an impressive 90% accuracy. So if you see something you like, download the Hopper app, plug in your desired travel dates and destinations, and wait for them to alert you when prices start plummeting. Or craft your own “Looking for cheap summer airfares” playlist on Spotify and play it in the background while you comparison shop on your own. Up to you, pal.

Whether you’re looking for summer love, summer madness, summer girls, or summer wind, there’s no better time than June to go explore somewhere new and discover why this season inspired so many songwriters. With fares this cheap, your friends will all be leaving the crowded city soon. So get the heck outta town too; it’s a cruel summer when you’re left on your own.

Source: Thrillist