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Tax Refund for Tourists and Tips Information

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taxesfrontIf you make purchases in Mexico, you may be able request a refund of your money.

To do this, you must make your purchases at businesses affiliated with the tax refund program and you must spend at least 200 Mexican pesos on Mexican goods. There is no refund on services; therefore you will not be able to recover the money invested in lodging and meals.

The procedure is simple. On the day you leave the country, you should visit one of the tax refund kiosks located at certain airports nationwide. There, you must submit a completed form, your bank details, immigration form, plane ticket, purchase receipts and the merchandise you purchased. You will receive a refund of 50% in cash and the other 50% will be transferred to you account within the next 40 days.

For more information visit: taxback.com.mx and www.taxfree.com.mx


It is customary to leave a tip to thank waiters, valets, gas station employees, bellboys and other service providers. At restaurants, bars and coffee shops, it is customary to leave 10% of the total amount of the bill; if the service was very good, you may wish to leave up to 15%. Some restaurants and bars include the tip in the final bill, so be sure to check this in order not to overpay. Not tipping is frowned upon.

Source: Visit Mexico