Travel and Leisure Votes San Miguel Allende Best City Of The World

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mejorciudadfrontFor the second time this decade, San Miguel de Allende (SMA) has received an award from top travel publications.

The first award was by Condé Nast Traveler in October 2013 whose readers voted it “The Most Beautiful City in the World.”

Wednesday, a group of San Miguel de Allende officials and hospitality industry leaders headed by Guanajuato State Tourism Secretary Fernando Olivera Rocha and Mayor Ricardo Villarreal García traveled to New York for the “Best City of the World” award from the prestigious Travel & Leisure Magazine, which they were presented by the magazine’s Editor in Chief, Nathan Lup.

Both Mayor Villarreal and Secretary Olivera received the award on behalf of service people who help make San Miguel “the best city of the world.”

Travel & Leisure readers considered several factors before voting for the competing tourism resorts which included Charleston, South Carolina, Chian Mai in Thailand, Kyoto in Japan, and Florence in Italy, among other favorite places for visiting.

Voters noted that the award should go to San Miguel de Allende for its value in the way businessmen run their hotels, hospitality personnel and their service quality, its gastronomy industry and its rewarding shopping experience.

Francisco García, head of the San Miguel de Allende Tourist Council and president of the local Hotel Association Laura Torres Septién also attended the event.

Along with the award for the city, two local hotels were recipients of the first and second “best hotel in Mexico” awards. They were “Matilda” boutique hotel and plush “Rosewood.”

Source: The News

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