Vallarta Is Awarded At The Travvy Awards in Miami

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Vallarta receives award as the best destination in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta was designated as the best beach tourist destination in Mexico during the Travvy Awards ceremony held at the Miami Travel Convention Center in Miami, United States, which awarded several prizes to this city, considered the friendliest in the world. Puerto Vallarta was awarded in the categories of best destination, culinary, honeymoon and best tourism office in the country. This was announced by the director of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity in Puerto Vallarta, Luis Villaseñor, "Good evening, I am pleased to share with you that Puerto Vallarta has been honored at the Travvy Awards as best destination in Mexico, culinary, honeymoon and best tourism office. You are all part of the success and progress of the destination after the pandemic, it is a great honor and pleasure to collaborate with all of you. This recognition is by and for all the pata saladas, that day by day you all go out to give the best to our tourists, "congratulations".

It should be noted that the Travvy Awards have been compared to the Academy Awards, the Academy Awards or better known as the Oscar Awards, which recognize the best of cinema. In this case, the Travvy Awards are in charge of rewarding the best in travel. The Travvy Awards are travel industry academy awards held at the beginning of each year and recognize the top destinations, technology providers and attractions. They are presented by TravAllianceMedia, a company that recognizes the highest standards of excellence in the international travel industry