Yesterday; Tourists Again Crowding Airport Cabs

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This Saturday afternoon hundreds of North Americans arrived at the international airport of Puerto Vallarta.

With the arrival of hundreds of North Americans who traveled on different airlines on Saturday afternoon, cab drivers could not get enough so cabs were sold out and tourists began to leave the airport to take cabs on the avenue. The fact is that American airlines are in great demand, thanks to the great demand of travelers who wish to visit Mexico for vacations, which has greatly benefited Puerto Vallarta and the region. According to the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT), airlines such as Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest are soaring in the number of passengers transported to Mexico that they have surpassed the pre-pandemic levels of the coronavirus. As of last July, the five largest U.S. airlines transported 2.3 million passengers to the airports of different Mexican cities including Puerto Vallarta's air terminal.

At the top of the list, American Airlines was the airline with the highest number of tourists transported, with 24.3% more passengers than in July 2019, followed by United Airlines with 22.2% more passengers, while Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, all of which fly to this western region of the country, were also on top of the list. In turn, Spirit Airlines had a total passenger increase of 146% , going from 50 thousand 936 tourists in July 2019, to 125 thousand 542 in July 2021. It should be noted that this will represent a great advance to the economy of this Port and to the airline industry that was hit by the pandemic a year and a half ago and is now recovering in an accelerated manner