Videgaray To Meet With Senate`s Executive Board

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videfrontForeign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray Caso will meet Friday with the Political Coordination Board and the Senate’s Executive Board to discuss the meeting that he will hold Thursday with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly.

The senators will also review with Videgaray the progress of the legislative decree which will regulate the negotiations between the Mexican government and Donald Trump’s administration.

Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) president Fernando Herrera Ávila explained that this will be the first of a set of meetings that the Senate will hold with Videgaray to follow the bilateral relationship with the United States.

“We are hoping for fluid, open communication between Videgaray and the Senate,” said Herrera Ávila.

Herrera Ávila also acknowledged that President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government modified their strategy for communication with Donald Trump’s government, privileging prudence.

“I believe that he is acting prudently. Obviously, we can not enter into a direct conflict with our northern neighbor, so we must act with intelligence and know where we are strong, and what we can offer,” said Herrera Avila.

On Tuesday, Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernández, the new foreign ambassador to the United States, will appear before the Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs North America committees.

Source: The News

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