Alert for Extortion Calls

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You are asked to contact the authorities in case of receiving an extortion call.

This type of extortion is taking place in the city and in view of the increase of extortion calls, where they say they have kidnapped family members and demand money to be deposited in order to hand them over, it is suggested that you call the Puerto Vallarta Police Department of Citizen Security and Municipal Roads and do not let yourself be taken by surprise. These are some of the cases in which the Puerto Vallarta Police have acted thanks to the timely call reporting the anomaly. They reported from the Lomas del Calvario neighborhood, where they received a call offering them protection so as not to have problems with the Z's, but they did not give them information and hung up, they gave them indications on the matter. At 10:07 a.m., from the jardines del puerto neighborhood, she reports that she went out to run and when she returned her 13 year old son was already there. He looked for him in the neighborhood. Then he calls and mentions that they spoke to the minor and told him that there was an operation and to leave his house, so he went out and was told where to stand and not to move. The minor turned off the phone. There he was found by police officers, nervous but safe. At 3:02 p.m., they reported that their son had been kidnapped, police officers arrived and reported that they interviewed the alleged kidnapper who said that he had been kidnapped since Saturday and that they were giving him instructions over the phone, without informing the amount of money they asked for, but that he turned off his cell phone and they did not deposit anything.

WHAT IS TELEPHONE EXTORTION It is a crime whose criminals use deception and psychological pressure to obtain an economic benefit, using the telephone as their main tool. Now the alleged criminals make use of telephone technology, the extortionist accuses a victim by telephone and forces her to remain isolated or incommunicado, then calls her family, convinces them that the victim is kidnapped and links a three-way call to "prove" that the kidnapper is physically with her.

HOW DO THEY OPERATE? Criminals send phone messages, or contact you by phone call, to your cell phone or home phone, to request cash deposits with a threat. In case of any emergency or doubt contact the Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office, Puerto Vallarta Delegation, at 322 221.24.23, the Public Security Commissioner at 322 114 29 78 or 911, they ask you to be careful with the extrocisions calls

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