Musk Will Allow Trump To Continue With Twitter

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The social network's new mogul says "it was a mistake" to veto former president's account

Elon Musk said that if the agreement to share Twitter goes ahead, he would lift the ban on former U.S. President Donald Trump, decided by the platforms after the assault of the capitol a decision he considers "morally wrong" and "senseless". "will reverse the ban," the billionaire said at a Fianancial Times conference," although he clarified that as he does not yet own Twitter", "this is not something that will happen".The $ 44 billion offer from the head of Tesla to buy Twitter , must still get the backing of shareholders and regulators, but Musk , has spoken out in favor of less moderation. Of the content and fewer bans . "I think it was wrong to ban Donald Trump ," Musk said. "I think it was wrong because it marginalized a large part of the country and , ultimately , it didn't result in Donald Trump not having a voice."

Trump was banned from Twitter and other social networks , after his supporters ,sickened by his tweets alleging voter fraud attacked the U.S. Congress , on January 6, 2021, in a failed attempt to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as the winner of the presidential .

Musk said his stance is similar to that of twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey that permanent bans should be rare, reserved for accounts that are spam, scams or run by software "bots". "If they say something that is illegal or just destructive to the world, then maybe there should be a timeout, a temporary suspension or that particular tweet should be made invisible or have very limited visibility."

Musk, however, insisted that permanent bans are a morally bad decision."

It undermines confidence in Twitter as an online public square where everyone can be hea