Police shutting down fraudulent websites

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cibercrimefrontThe Federal Police have shut down 15,000 fraudulent websites involved in identity theft from companies, banks, government agencies and educational institutions during President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

The head of electronic crimes prevention, Oliver González, said that action by experts from the scientific division of the Federal Police prevented more than 2 billion pesos (US $112.4 million) from ending up in the hands of cybercriminals through fraud.

Sixty-three per cent of the deactivated sites were masquerading as e-commerce sites, 24% as banks, 12% as government pages and 0.1% as educational institutions.

“. . . What we want is to avoid people becoming victims of these kinds of crimes,” González said.

He also said that cybercriminals pay so that their phony sites appear at the top of results from search engines that millions of Mexicans use on a daily basis.

By having their pages at the top of results lists, cyber attackers are more likely to be able to capture personal details from unwitting internet users.

González noted that in some cases the Federal Police have sought the assistance of its international counterparts to shut down sites after it was identified that their origin was offshore.

Cybercrime groups from all over the world are constantly monitored by the law enforcement agency, González said, allowing it to identify their online behavior.

Source: Mexico News Daily

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