Enrique Comes to an End in Banderas Bay

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Yesterday the curiosity of tourists and residents in front of the high waves, caused by the passage of Hurricane Enrique, caused them to be surprised when they were bathed by the high waves.

The presence of hurricane "Enrique", of category one, in front of the Bay of Banderas left this Monday a strong swell that burst on the beach of Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas. During the morning of Monday and until noon the sea crashed hard on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk, where some detached tiles could be observed, in addition to sand that the sea threw to the floor of the boardwalk after exceeding the limit of the retaining wall. Before this panorama dozens of tourists, nationals and foreigners, walked unconcerned along the boardwalk while the waves burst on the retaining wall, wetting the feet of some of them, who only shook themselves and continued walking along the most important tourist promenade of Puerto Vallarta.

These were definitely the last moments of the hurricane and its passage through the bay, which fortunately did not leave any serious damage and was quite a spectacle for tourists and residents who did not hesitate to leave their hotels and condominiums to see what was happening with the hurricane that caused the sea to lash the Vallarta boardwalk. One of the beaches that reached a high level when the water came out was Holly Beach, which in the amazement of the sea's aggressiveness caused fear in tourists who decided to stop swimming in the sea and leave the beach. In the end personnel from the Municipal Civil Protection Unit of Puerto Vallarta placed a yellow tape to prevent tourists from approaching the shore of the boardwalk to see the rough sea that was present yesterday morning and afternoon in Puerto Vallarta.

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