Lowest Temperatures Reported In The Region

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For winter season this period has been the coldest in the bay.

In the early morning of Wednesday, February 2, the lowest temperature so far this winter season was recorded in the region of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay. This was informed by the meteorologist of the Centro Universitario de la Costa, Victor Manuel Cornejo Lopez, also a member of the Scientific Committee of Civil Protection of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay. He explained that a jet is dragging humidity from the Pacific towards land, causing a band of clouds that affects Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila. In addition, in the seas of the South Pacific a high pressure center generates a shield that will prevent cold air from reaching the coastal areas and temperate weather will continue, although there may be cooler dawns.

TEMPERATURES WILL DROP In fact, in the region of the Bay of Banderas again dawned with clear skies, clear for most of the day, without risk of rain, with a maximum temperature of 27 degrees, but the minimum temperatures this dawn were 14.5 degrees in Las Palmas and Valle de Banderas, 13.9 in Ixtapa and 16.5 degrees in the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta, "so far the coolest dawn, or coldest for those acclimatized in this area". Temperate atmosphere and stable conditions are the prevailing atmospheric conditions in most of the national territory, but this will be interrupted by the entrance of a new cold front that the National Meteorological Service will label as number 28. The front is strong, but it is followed by a polar air mass that is already crossing Texas and in Mexico will cause snowfalls in the northern states and temperature values of up to -8 degrees Celsius in several border cities, and the cold will reach the central table.