Near Tropical Storm Carried Winds of Up to 64 Kilometers

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Up to 30 trees fell due to wind gusts of up to 64 kilometers; parameter similar to a tropical storm.

Cars and houses were affected in different points of the municipality, this Sunday the incidents caused by the strong winds were still being attended.

At least 30 reports of fallen trees were attended due to the strong winds caused by the rain on Saturday afternoon, with wind gusts of 63 to 64 kilometers per hour. This force is equivalent to the intense winds of a tropical storm with a parameter of 63 to 118 kilometers per hour.

In this regard, the director of Civil Protection and Firefighters, Adrian Bobadilla Garcia, explained that the fall of trees that until the cut of 19 hours on Saturday was between 15 to 30 trees that threw the strong winds that reached up to 64 kilometers per hour.

Bobadilla Garcia, indicated that still at noon on Sunday, incidents caused by the fall of trees were being attended, such as a palm tree that caused damage to a house.

With the trees that collapsed due to the wind and the rain, which was not so intense -only in a quick streak of intense rainfall-, at least five of them fell on vehicles and three on houses, until Saturday's cut off at seven o'clock at night.

However, there would be more damage to homes or cars, since the three homes and five vehicles correspond to those trees that were rooted and the trunks fell completely on cars or homes.

Others were also affected by large branches, and the electric power supply was affected in some areas because the boughs between the power lines caused the suspension of service for some hours yesterday.

At noon this Sunday, the contingency was still being fully attended to due to the trees that were knocked down by the strong gusts of wind that are comparable to the intensity of wind caused by a tropical storm, said Bobadilla Garcia, rejecting that these were due to deficient pruning.

The director of Civil Protection and Firefighters, emphasized that the amount of trees that fell was due to the intense winds that reached a speed of up to 64 kilometers per hour, which is comparable to the force of the wind that occurs in a tropical storm that is from 63 to 118 kilometers, and when that speed is exceeded it is already a category I hurricane.