No People Injured or Material Damage after Hurricane Willa in Puerto Vallarta

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No material damage in Puerto Vallarta after Hurricane "Willa".

The tropical phenomenon caused waves that for different periods exceeded five meters in height. This caused that in the course of Monday night and the dawn of Tuesday, in Playa Los Muertos the water and the sand entered to 10 restaurants, without there being registered material damages or people injured.

In the morning of Tuesday the same employees of the establishments were in charge of removing, with shovels and buckets, the sand that reached levels of 40 centimeters.

"Fortunately, it went well, only water and sand came in, no material damage. And the boys (the employees) are taking out the sand that was left in the table area, and another little that entered the kitchen, "explained Carlos, the owner of a restaurant.

In Punta Perula, 10 houses near the beach had water entry levels of between 50 and 60 centimeters, so that elements of the State Civil Protection Unit were given the task of supporting the affected residents in the sanitation of the houses and in transfer of the affected ones to the temporary shelter of the community, informed the dependency.

In Cabo Corrientes the communities of Ipala, Villa Del Mar, Tehuamixtle, Mayto, Aquiles Serdán, Naranjitos and Corrales were evacuated. The inhabitants were taken to temporary shelters in El Tuito. Other settlers took refuge with relatives.

 Source: eloccidental