Storm Caused a Vehicle to Be Swept Out to Sea

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Floods in streets and avenues of the port left the storm this Friday.

Last night a storm fell in Puerto Vallarta, causing a car to be swept by the current of a creek into the sea, others were stranded in several streets and there was serious flooding in different parts of the city. The storm surprised thousands of Vallartenses who were expecting a conventional rain, but in a few minutes it started to wreak havoc in the city. The water level rose on the sides of Francisco Medina Ascencio Boulevard, as well as on Francisco Villa Avenue, which immediately turned into streams, where dozens of motorists were trapped trying to move over the current. A gray chevy type vehicle that was parked on the side of the shrimp stream was dragged by the current and ended up stuck on the beach, a group of people tried to get it out of there but it was impossible, they only verified that there were no people inside. The owner said that he left the car parked, he did not think that there would be a strong flood of water in that place, he regretted the loss of the car since it did not have insurance and he only hopes to recover it and try to start it again.

he Municipal Civil Protection Unit, in charge of Adrián Bobadilla, reported flooding in large areas of the port, the units had to intervene in some cases to support people who reported damage to a dozen homes in different parts of the port. Flooding was severe in the north zone such as Versalles, Diaz Ordaz, Aramara, La Aurora and Portales, to mention a few.

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