Covid-19 a Blow to the Insurance Sector

General Health
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Insurance companies have had to pay millions of dollars in insurance for infected patients.

The pandemic caused by covid-19 has hit the insurance sector in Puerto Vallarta and in all of Mexico, reaching figures of up to nearly two thousand, 495 million dollars, informed the Asociacion Mexicana de Seguros y Fianzas (Amasfac), Puerto Vallarta section. Hospitals in the region have benefited from the treatments provided to their patients in covid areas, especially when Puerto Vallarta registered very high numbers of contagions due to the pandemic and all hospitals, especially those of private services, felt the need to include in their services an area to attend specifically to patients infected by covid. A patient admitted for covid can cost up to 250 thousand pesos for a week of care or more, depending on his recovery, only considering his stay for a week of care and hospitalization.

Although there are no exact figures according to research according to insurance experts, in the case of the pandemic are major expense and life insurance coverage. Juan Carlos Aragón, insurance advisor and member of the civil association called on all people to have a major medical expenses insurance, which is the best option to protect their patrimony in the event of illnesses such as Covid-19, since during this period, some families have spent a lot of resources, which they did not count on for the care of their family members. Despite the scenario, for insurance institutions the pandemic has been a priority for the insurance sector in Mexico during the last 19 months. The Association's national figures show that a total of 50 billion pesos have been paid out for medical and life insurance, which, according to Karam, is the equivalent of 2,495 million dollars, making it the most catastrophic event in the country's history. history.