443 Cases Of Contagion In Vallarta In Only 24 Hours

General Health
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The Secretary of Health informed of the acceleration of coronavirus infections in one day

The Jalisco Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday night a total of 443 new positive cases of coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta in only 24 hours, which is considered a very high number. The Radar Jalisco System informed that the new cases were counted by the public and private health sector, as well as by laboratories that perform rapid tests and PCR in Puerto Vallarta. With these new 443 Covid-19 infections in a single day, Puerto Vallarta reached 1,385 positive cases of coronavirus so far this month of January.

It should be noted that in the worst months of the pandemic in 2021, the tourist destination reported 5,093 infections in July and 5,935 infections in August. In total, Puerto Vallarta accumulates 22,607 infections since the first positive case of the disease was detected on March 30, 2020. In addition, the Jalisco Radar System reported that there are 876 active cases of coronavirus among the population, for which the Jalisco Health Secretariat is requesting the reinforcement of sanitary measures. This Tuesday, the state agency did not report any death in Puerto Vallarta, so the municipality remains with 798 deaths in total and 3 deaths so far this month of January.

This new omicron variant is very contagious; therefore, the number of contagions is increasing rapidly, that is to say, its way of reproducing itself grows very fast, from person to person, so it is important to continue with the measures that have now been implemented with new and more restrictions than from the beginning of the pandemic.