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Naval Hospital Vaccination Campus

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Thousands of young people attended the application of the Sinovac dose against covid-19.

Today, July 24, a large number of young people came to the facilities of the Naval Hospital. Commander Carlos Pizano Ramirez, general director of the Puerto Vallarta Naval Hospital, commented that they have received a very good response from the young people who are attending the application of the biologic and emphasized the importance of continuing to use masks and to follow the necessary measures to avoid contagion in the population, such as going to the application of the vaccine, since a person who has received a dose may be more protected against the virus than a young person who has not received the biologic. Having only one vaccine to the effects of the disease can reduce the risk of death, while a young person who has not received a vaccine will have much stronger effects, and may even die. One of the concerns of the young population is; if they are infected, should they go to receive the doses or if they have just gone through the recovery of having been covid patients, so Captain Pizano answered that they should not apply the vaccine but wait up to 3 months in case they have been covid patients, likewise if they are infected they should not go to the application of the vaccine, because it is not recommended by the effect it may cause in this specific case.

It is important to highlight the excellent work that the Naval Zone Hospital with the director Carlos Pizano at the head of this hospital is carrying out in Puerto Vallarta, as we know that it is a great responsibility and risk but they do it from the heart and solidarity in the face of the pandemic we are going through, for which they have been not only hours but days of hard work in this tireless fight against covid, At this time in its third wave is attacking very aggressively and it is everyone's responsibility to stop this contagion that has been increasing by having relaxed health measures and especially the last two weeks in which the numbers are rising in an unstoppable manner, even more than when we were at the peak of the pandemic and that the use of masks is essential so the authorities are giving away masks to people who do not bring them in the streets and avenues of this city to this health emergency.