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Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths decrease. 


The actions implemented by the government of Jalisco to contain covid-19 worked significantly by reducing the number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths due to SARS-CoV-2. The so-called third "botonazo" applied by the state government from January 16 to February 12 came to an end tonight with a notorious drop in the number of infections and hospitalizations, even though the number of deaths continues to fluctuate up and down, due to the fact that they are not reported on the same day, but are reported cumulatively days later.

The governor informed that due to the restrictions in the economic activity and the collaboration of the citizens in staying at home, today the health personnel has a breathing space and there is room to maneuver in the continuance of acting in a preventive manner. 

"These measures allowed us to get out of this situation of maximum risk as quickly as possible. I want to show you the data of how we closed today (yesterday, Thursday) in active cases, we managed to go down from levels of about 11 thousand active cases to 6,578 today. The decrease in active cases also has a direct impact on the number of people hospitalized, we went from levels of over 60 percent to today's levels of 46.5 percent hospital occupancy," he said. 

He said that with this scenario, Jalisco continues to occupy the lowest positions in terms of infection and death rates per 100,000 inhabitants in the country, as well as the positivity rate of 50 to 26 percent. 

He also highlighted that Jalisco is the sixth state in the entire country with the lowest rate of accumulated cases, positioning it below the national average, and is the ninth state with the lowest mortality rate in Mexico, also below the national average. 

"We have been able to reduce in a very important way the degree of increase in the number of deaths in our state. There was a week in which we reached 675 deaths. Today, we were able to lower this last week to 101," he said.