The Last Vaccinations Of The Day Were Administered Today.

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After the vaccination certificate was required for access to bars, many people agreed

The last vaccination days of last Thursday and Friday were successfully carried out, given that six thousand vaccines were left over, this Monday, January 17, a new AstraZeneca dose application day was held, so the authorities of the Secretariats of Health and Welfare made a call to the population summoned. The regional director of the Jalisco Welfare Secretariat, Ernesto Sanchez Perez, informed that 6 thousand AstraZeneca vaccines were left last Friday, so this Monday, January 17, the La Lija module was opened again, to apply first doses to seniors, who had not attended before, as well as the second doses to those 18 years old and stragglers who were vaccinated in October last year and booster doses to adults 60 years old and over. On this occasion, said the official, tokens were handed out to give order to the process and avoid inconveniences among those called to receive any of the 6,000 vaccines that were still available.

On this occasion, the remaining vaccines were applied only at the Unidad Deportiva La Lija, starting at 9:00 a.m. and until stocks were exhausted.

New Opportunity: On his part, Dr. Jaime Alvarez Zayas, director of the Eighth Health Region, highlighted the interest of the population to get vaccinated, particularly those who decided to receive the first dose, since due to different circumstances there were many latecomers and due to the great response of the people of Vallarta, they decided not to return vaccines to Guadalajara but to open one more day of AstraZeneca's vaccine application. It is worth mentioning that on the days people must always present certain documentation to be able to go to the area of application of the vaccines, the latecomers who attended for their first vaccine, had to print the My Vaccine.gob form, while those who attended for their first vaccine had to print the My Vaccine.gob form. While those who attended for their second and third doses, also had to present the My Vaccine form and their previous vaccination vouchers. In these days, those people who are currently suffering from Covid-19 disease or who have not yet had it for a month cannot be vaccinated, since these are the indications of the experts of the health sector at world level and therefore these doses cannot be applied in such cases.

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