UAEM Students Create Innovative Cleaning Concept For Hospitals

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studfrontMedical Biotechnology students at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) have created an innovative concept for hospital patients. It’s a stretcher, which doubles as a bathtub.

It contains a pneumatic mattress that can be deflated so that the patient rests on a metal structure while being bathed.

The project, named the “Bañoletto,” is intended for patients with limited mobility, to ensure enjoy a high level of cleanliness during hospital stays.

In an interview, students Diego Lenin Huerta Hernández and Alejandra Tarango Gómez said that bathing a patient with compromised mobility can be uncomfortable and involve an overwhelming effort for both patient and caregiver.

They explained that the Bañoletto has a pneumatic mattress on which the patient rests during their hospital stay and that when deflated can be removed, transforming the development into a bathtub.

In addition, the Bañoletto has a drainage system that can be connected to any device containing water, and can also act as a toilet.

They pointed out that their invention, which meets all standards and regulations in the field, is designed to improve the patient’s stay in the hospital. They said, “it is meant to make bathing comfortable, simple and hygienic.”

The students said that unlike similar implements, Bañoletto is easy to use, requires minimal effort, reduces space, and is also more economical in terms of time and money.

Source: The News