Alarming Figures for a Single Weekend

General Health
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This weekend alone a total of 315 covid-19 infections were reported.

The coronavirus is gaining strength again in Puerto Vallarta and contagions are on the rise; the Secretary of Health asks to take measures to stop the figures. This weekend a total of 315 contagions of this disease were reported, a worrying situation. This is a very high figure if we consider that last February the total number of covid-19 infections in the municipality was 592, in March there were 294, in April 369, in May 342, and in June 464 infections in total. The Jalisco Ministry of Health published in its daily report of the Jalisco Radar System that last Friday 122 infections were reported, on Saturday there were 105 infections, and on Sunday there were 88 infections and one death.

FOURTH MONTH WITH MORE INFECTIONS With these numbers, so far this month of July, Puerto Vallarta reached 706 infections and five deaths, which places this month among the middle months of the pandemic but with a tendency to be one of the highest months in positive cases. So far, the month with the highest number of infections is July 2020, with 1,107 positive covid-19 cases, while January 2021 reached 1,050 infections and August 2020 reported 965 infections. Thus, July 2021 is already the fourth month with the highest number of infections in the almost 16 months of the coronavirus pandemic in Puerto Vallarta.

The director of the Eighth Sanitary Region in Puerto Vallarta, Vladimir Atilano Barraza, made a Call to the population to continue applying sanitary protocols and Health measures to avoid the spread of more contagious of coronavirus.

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