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In only one day, 66 young people infected between 20 and 40 years of age in Puerto Vallarta.

The Secretary of the Federal Government informed that the number of new contagions of coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta "shot up" with the report of 79 more positive cases of covid-19 in the municipality and one more death caused by the disease. Likewise, the federal agency informed that the number of active cases of the disease among the population of Puerto Vallarta went from 201 to 267 yesterday, that is, 66 more active cases than those registered on Monday. He mentioned that the high incidence of contagion is now occurring among those who frequent bars, night clubs and nightclubs, for which reason there will be greater vigilance in these places, including those operating in Puerto Vallarta.

According to the Federal Secretariat these are two of the highest numbers reported in Puerto Vallarta in recent weeks, which confirms that there is an important increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus in the tourist destination. So far this month of July alone Puerto Vallarta has already had 204 new cases of coronavirus and 2 deaths, a figure considered high if one takes into account that only six days of this month have been counted and the tendency has been towards an increase in the last three weeks. It is worth mentioning that the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, affirmed that the risk of infection by Covid-19 is still latent in the state and this is confirmed by the 62 percent increase in the number of active cases and 17 percent in hospitalizations, also exceeding the 5 percent positivity rate, which has not been the case for several weeks. In view of this, he asked the people of Jalisco not to lower their guard and to continue using masks, to take shelter in case of symptoms and to get tested

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