Beware of Covid-19 Street Tests

General Health
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Be careful of "Pop Up" testing

Based on the increase of covid infections, hundreds of places for rapid covid tests have appeared, without knowing if they are regulated by the government, and it is now very common to see on the street that offer rapid tests to verify if the virus has been acquired, so people in desperation do not look at where is the best place, but also do it based on their budget; that is, they look for a place where it costs as little as possible. A safe laboratory would be where the area is constantly disinfected, because if an infected person enters the area and the surface and place are not cleaned, the new person who enters to take the test can acquire the virus from that other person if he/she is positive.

That is why it is important to know where to take the test, take into account a reliable and hygienic place, and with all possible sanitary measures, check that the place is verified and approved by the Secretary of Health, Jalisco. Currently, many public places are offering this type of exam, and it is difficult to see if they have a permit or a security seal, that is why it is important to make the right decision in order not to get the virus in these places. Due to the increase of covid-19 cases in Puerto Vallarta, laboratories have launched campaigns of "quick tests", which are offered in the street by means of flyers. The first business that came to the fore with the pandemic was that of the mouth covers, now there are also the laboratories that perform covid-19 tests. It is therefore urgent that the Secretary of Health regulate this type of laboratories so that the seriousness of their practices is guaranteed.

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