CECYTEJ High School Hosts Health Fair.

General Health
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Towards National Day for the Prevention of Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy.

The objective of the fair is to educate young people about family planning and preventing unwanted pregnancies. Sexual health during adolescence, gender roles, contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted diseases, and above all, sexual relationships themselves, are crucial topics for youth health.

The Directorate of Health Region No. 8, Friendly Services, and the Jurisdictional Program for Reproductive Health, along with members of the SEIS Committee in Puerto Vallarta, organized the "Health Fair" under the theme of "Enjoying Sexuality Responsibly." The fair took place at the CECYTEJ Puerto Vallarta facilities.

In our country, September 26th is commemorated as the National Day for the Prevention of Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy. This observance was first established in Mexico in 2006 with the aim of raising awareness among the general population regarding this issue, which impacts the health and social and economic development of the population. The official recognition of this day was approved in the Chamber of Deputies on December 8, 2011, and since then, these activities have been carried out for all young people in Mexico, with Puerto Vallarta being no exception.

At CECYTEJ, a school with over 1700 students in both morning and afternoon shifts, different information booths were set up with recreational games and playful activities to ensure that all students have access to the information. The various institutions involved in organizing the fair aimed to break senseless taboos and promote awareness from home, strengthening emotions so that young people can be receptive to expert guidance and recommendations.

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