Coronavirus Awareness Brigade on the Boardwalk

General Health
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There will be strict measures for the use of masks, gel and healthy distance, for this holiday period.

The Tourism and Economic Development Departments of the municipal government are carrying out a health and awareness campaign to reduce the number of contagions of covid-19. Derived from the installation of the regional health table that will cease on Thursdays, the commitment of the municipal government is to promote this awareness campaign among locals, merchants, businessmen and tourists who visit the city center. In this summer vacation period it is important to strengthen the work of prevention due to the high number of visitors, which increases the risk of increased infections, especially where preventive measures are relaxed, recognized the health authorities. The brigades promote the use of gel, masks and keeping a healthy distance on the city's boardwalk, with messages directed to locals, tourists and the entire tourism sector.

The initiative is backed by the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta due to the increase of contagions in the city and the concern of the Jalisco Health Board, due to the increase of occupancy in popular and private hospitals due to the covid-19 virus. The special brigade is coordinated by the director of Municipal Tourism Ramon Gonzalez Lomeli, who explained that through tours starting at the boardwalk to the pier of Los Muertos beach and in the area of Marina Vallarta, the prevention messages are being maintained. The work being carried out is intended to raise awareness among locals and tourists about the problems that are being experienced due to not obeying the measures established by the health sector. Also in these tours the collaborators ask in the most attentive way to tourists and locals to respect the preventive measures.

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